Meditel service enables the patient to consult a doctor using a video call or chat without having to go to the clinic or hospital.

The service also provides tools to register personal health data for getting health advices and more...

NTT Docomo
Health Care
Our Rules
UX design, UI design

The Challenge

The project was in progress and an existing product was intended for patients.
The challenge was to reuse what was done using the UX method.

The Solution

Using the current product and previously obtained information, we rebuild the product with the help of UX method in all the stages, starting with discovery through "Design Sprint" and ending with designing the UI and building the product.

Brand Identity

At the start of the project, the logo attracted our attention.
We suggested the customer to brush it up because, we felt it wouldn't be in line with our general perspective of the project.

The idea itself was good, but the balance and the color were not.

The Old Logo

The old logo was inconsistent and unbalanced.
Also, the colors were inappropriate for the product concept.

The New Logo

In the new logo, we tried to fix inconsistencies and balance without compromising the idea and general appearance.

Also, we changed the colors to suit the new look of the logo and the product in general.


We kept the main color green. We changed the gray color to orange in order to introduce a brighter and more hopeful character.

We also added secondary colors and blended them with the primary colors for using them on various topics in the project.


In each project, we design original icons to fit the concept, target and project design.

We always try to use a unique icon pack for each product we design.


In every project, after doing research, data analysis, and planning, we always visualize the idea with a Hi-Fi wireframe to test and make sure that everything is exactly as we wanted before we move on to the next step.


We not only make use of the static Hi-Fi wireframe but also add animation to give a real-life experience to the product.

UI Design

We designed 3 Interfaces: interface for patients, interface for doctors and a landing page.
We ensured that all platforms are consistent and maintain the same brand style.

We also designed each interface separately to suit the needs of the users and made sure to give them as pleasent and easy experience as possible.


Making an interactive prototype is a must in our process because it gives and real experience before even building the product that we can get feedback from real users.

Design Sprint

In this project we had to test and validate various ideas effectively and in a short time.
For this reason, we used Design Sprint in several stages of the project.
We could also test those ideas with real users patients and doctors.
Below is an example of one section we did for this project with the client.


Make a map and chose a target
We create a map of challenge and set the scope of the Sprint.
Once we have a clear vision, we set a target for the rest of the week.

・Identify the problem to be solved
・Map the user journey
・Establish what to focus on for the week


Get inspiration and sketch ideas.
With a pen, paper, and critical thinking, we  get our creativity flowing and sketch until we drop.

Build inspiration through lightning demos
Conduct design thinking exercises to brainstorm solutions
Create individual solution pitches


Decide on the best solution.
We judged the different solutions we sketched.

We picked the most promising options and created a storyboard to serve as the blueprint of the prototype.

Critique individual solution pitches
Capture the best ideas and agree on a single solution
Storyboard the prototype’s flow


Create a prototype.
We turn the concept into a prototype.
And we prepare an interview script for tomorrow’s test sessions with users.

Create a working prototype for user testingAdd realistic contentWrite a user interview script


In the step, we made a Hi-Fi Wireframe interaction with all the features we wanted to test.
We tested with the real doctor in the hospital in a real environment.

At the same time, we had the rest members observing the tester via Skype to check the user experience in detail.

We not only tested the user flow but also feelings and other reactions.Conduct user interviews Observe users’ interactions with the prototypeAssess the validity of the solution based on user reactions

Used UX Methods

User Search
Competitor Analysis
Hi-fi Wireframe
Hi-fi Prototype
UI Design
Brand Identity
Design Sprint
Usability Testing
Use Cases & Scenarios
Quantitative Survey
And More...

Used Tools