Albion Art

A website represents a Collection of  valuable antiques and inspirational jewelry with a historical background from the Mesopotamia to the Art Deco Period.

Albion Art
History, Jewelry
Our Rules
UX design, UI design


This project was a new challenge for us.
The challenge in this project was to satisfy the customer and the founder (Kazumi Arikawa) who was dealing with beauty and perfection at one hand and a valuable collection of unique as well as precious antiques and jewelry at the other.
Both of these sides required different dealing.

UI Design

A dark mode is the best way to represent such peaces of jewelry and antiques. The clean and simple design was the best solution.

Our mission in this project was to provide pleasent  experience to users while they explore, enjoy the details and learn more about each item.

The Three Points

After talking to the clients and understanding their vision and business goals, we came up with 3 points to the greatest experience that clients wanted and users deserved.

1. Browser

The antiques and pieces of jewelry presented in this project came from different eras.
The client wanted to express that idea so we make the menu as time scale from the oldest to the new one.

2. Zoom

The client wanted to let the website visitor enjoy most of the collocation.
We made it possible to zoom in the item so that users can see the detail and express the beauty of each item

3. Dictionary

The clients not only want users to enjoy the beauty of inspirational jewelleries but also share the information about it.

Used UX Methods

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