Our Process!

Right from planning till support, we work closely with clients  following a well-defined process complimenting UX/UI Design requirements.

Our 4D Process!

1 Discovery
Through research and deep understanding of user's needs, behaviors, pain points, and business goals, we look for insights and breakthroughs that help us discover the right problems, develop a plan to solve those problems, and identify the important areas of focus.
Project Vision/Goals
Desk Research
Use case
Competitor Analysis
User Testing
Analytics review
Content Audit
Stakeholder Discussions
2 Define
We use the insights taken from discovery and research to analyze different ideas and strategies, ultimately narrowing down to a prioritized set of solutions that can have the greatest impact on our objectives.

We create Hi-Fi Wireframes to review, offer incremental feedback, test ideas efficiently and validate assumptions.
Workflow Diagram
Empathy Mapping
Experience Map
3 Design
We follow the human-centered approach to design a pixel-perfect intuitive user interface.
We focus on the end-users and deliver products they would enjoy using.

At the very end, you get a pixel-perfect UI design that we adjust and test using Hi-Fi clickable prototype based on the client's comments and user's feedback.
Style Guide
Design System
Motion Design
Visual Design
After verifying the specification and approving the detailed prototype, we give life to designs and make them a reality.
We use the latest technologies to develop a robust product that is seamless and scalable.

If client choose to use their own development team, we hand off all necessary UI design materials to them.
Besides that, we provide development supervision and work with client's team at every step of the way until the project launches successfully.
User Testing
Style Guide
Agile and Sprints
Compliance Check
UI Assessment
Quality Assurance
Beta Launch
Accessibility Testing

Our Work!